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Say hello to a streak free glow, no stained sheets and no moaning bfs or gfs! (it doesn’t smell horrible – yay!)


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Customer Reviews

Lauren Carty

Honestly it’s amazing! I hardly put any on and I’m a beaut colour!

Lauren Carty

Amy R

This tan is amazing!!! Look so brown thank you xx

Kirsty M

I love it! I love the colour! I even put it on my face which I never do as I always find it goes patchy & I look lovely and sun kissed. 10/10 from me!

Ellie B

Colour is gorggg!

Emily N

I’m obsessed with it – such a lovely warm brown which is what I always look for as its more realistic! Definitely going to be buying again xx


I usually really struggle to find a tan I like but yours is amazing! So thank you! xx

Megan K

I look like i’ve just come from abroad. Not fake tanned! I feel silky smooth and I smell delicious!


Used my tan and it’s amazing!!! I’m in love!


Nice – love it!

Megan K

I usually use St Moritz or St Tropez but this is just amazing. I’m well impressed!

Megan K

Jordan W

Goes on nice! Doesn’t have that bad tan smell either, infact I didn’t really notice a smell! And it’s a nice glow too!


LOVE this tan, it’s amazing, goes on so nicely & such a lovely colour xx

Ellie B

Literally love it! So smooth and a beaut colour, no horrid smell or green tint. Also fades away rather than going patchy and scaly – obsessed!


The tan is unreal – best tan i have used x

Emma Stevi

Omg this tan is amazing! Love it! I need more!

Emma S

Abi W

It goes on amazing! No horrible smell. I love this tan!


I absolutely LOVE IT! No easy smell, no streaks, perfect colour for me and don’t even get me started on the mitt… Game changer!

Carla H

Loving this tan only one coat and can see the difference – it smells lush!

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